Suzan Antonowicz

Head of International, Beauty, Fashion and Luxury - ESI Media

Suzan Antonowicz

Suzan started her career on The London Evening Standard in the Nineties and has come full circle, when Alexander Lebedev, in 2010,  bought The Independent, the title on which she had worked for the majority of her career. She heads up the Beauty  Sector across all print and digital properties of ESI Media and coordinates the international sales across its 22 overseas offices pitching a global audience of 22.7  million people.

She is passionate about Female Empowerment and has played an active part on an APPG panel dedicated to Body Confidence, affecting both boys and girls in school.

Whilst flying the flag for the best known names in the business Suzan also champions smaller beauty brands and relishes working for a portfolio which effects positive change. She LIVES, EAT, PRAYS beauty and is one of the industry’s most renowned and loved ambassadors.

Her passions extends to a covetable collection of vertiginously high shoes, her two adorable nephews and beloved football team, The Arsenal.


Why Are You Involved With The Fragrance Foundation?

In all areas of my life I strive to be better, and the Fragrance Foundation as an industry body, is best in class. I get to work and collaborate with stellar talent who underpin the sector’s ongoing successes. This in turn helps me be better informed and instinctive about how my titles can best drive readers to counter. Once there we also  need to inspire them to buy and extend their scent wardrobe. The Fragrance Foundationraises the bar in all they do, and I am super proud to play my part.


Why Do You Love Fragrance?

Given my time again, I would have been a NOSE, so consumed am I about the art of making fragrance. The nuns at Holy Cross Convent set me on the road to Business Law but the romantic in me rewired my sat nav to the heady world of scent. It’s an adventure playground one never outgrows. Its  where fantasy, possibility and nostalgia all collide to create moments, memories and make believe.


What Is Your Scent memory?

The scent Chanel No 5 is inextricably linked to my polish Ciocia Helena.  My pet name for her was ‘Dodo’ as when I was barely knee high she used ‘DON’T’ and ‘DO’ in equal measure !

She was also my Godmother and the most blessed and precious of gifts. Coco Chanel said a woman should be two things: classy and fabulous and she represented the epitome of both.

My adolescent fears and tears would instantly evaporate in her Chanel No 5 embrace. She taught me grace, good manners and to march to the beat of my own drum and any time I need reminding of her ineffable style simply removing the stopper from her signature fragrance, as if by magic, I ‘scentse’ her there.