Roja Dove

Master Perfumer, Roja Parfums

Roja Dove

British Master Perfumer Roja Dove is one of the world's most respected perfumers, whose experience, passion and creative flair are embodied in every one of his creations. Be it one of his revered bespoke perfumes, or the award-winning Roja Parfums, each creation is the result of Roja's fundamental belief that, "only the best will do".

A world renowned authority, philanthropist and collaborative innovator, Roja transforms sensory experience. Rolls Royce, Laurent-Perrier and the Victoria & Albert Museum - where his talks literally sell-out overnight - are just some of the prestigious global names that have turned to Roja for his individual style and personal touch.

Sought-after by journalists all over the world, Roja is regarded as one of the most complete and provocative voices on perfumery, delivering the secrets of scent and the risqué anecdotes that only he knows, in his inimitable way.

The international success of Roja Parfums, combined with Roja's relentless drive for originality and perfection in perfumery, led to him being honoured as an Ambassador for the GREAT Britain Campaign in 2013 - one of the proudest moments of Roja's life. London's first Roja Parfums boutique opened in 2015 in The Burlington Arcade - the next chapter in the story of this iconic Great British brand. 

Why are you involved with The Fragrance Foundation?

"To further peoples understanding of perfumery and to ensure our industry is recognised for its significant contribution to our countries economy."

Why do you love Fragrance?

"A perfumer is a poet or storyteller, who creates the tangible from the intangible - abstract images that strike at our core. We create products that become part of our clients’ lives and loves - intrinsically interwoven with their memories and those who know them. What I love about fragrance is that it is non-judgemental. It ignores age, gender, race. It is kind to everybody and is capable of truly changing you.”

What is your Scent Memory

Scent is such a magical thing because it gives a gift to everyone around the person who is wearing it. My earliest scent memory is of the scent my mother always wore - without this scent I wouldn’t have lived the life that I have led. That is quite a powerful thing to say, but it is true. I fell in love with perfume as I smelt it on my mother one evening when she was going out to a cocktail party. I was put on a path that I was born to walk down and Roja Parfums, my brand, would not exist without that particular scent memory