Reeda Ouzerdine

Director of Client Management, Chimera Recruitment

Reeda Ouzerdine

Reeda Ouzerdine is Director and Co-Founder of Chimera Recruitment. His vision, along with his two co-founders, was to improve the training, consistency and understanding of the beauty industry within the temporary recruitment world. Chimera work very closely with the Fragrance Foundation to ensure that each team member completes the online training course as they believe this will go a long way to bridge the gap between the temps and the permanent teams in store.

Reeda started his career as a manager for the world renowned perfumer Roja Dove. Under his guidance, he learnt about the intricacies of fragrance creation and he also gained a greater understanding of business acumen. Under Reeda’s leadership, both Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges accounts became number one respectively in fragrance and he worked for five years to support Roja Parfums growth in London.

Reeda has a passion for the fragrance and beauty industry and he has always endeavoured to use his skills to set standards as high as possible and he believes that the customer should form the corner stone of every business decision that we make.

Why are you involved with the Fragrance Foundation?

The fragrance foundation sets the standard for the entire industry. Fragrance has had a huge impact on my professional life and it is an honour to be able to collaborate with such a dynamic, forward thinking organisation.

Why do you love fragrance?

Fragrance is incredibly visceral. I can spray my skin with a scent and it can transport me. If you are having a particularly bad day, a fragrance can lift your mood and give you a confidence that not many other things can.

What is your scent memory?

One of my first memories of scent was when my best friend bought me a bottle of Diesel Fuel(the original in the red cylinder bottle.) It reminded me of summer when I was a teenager, going to my first house party. It smelt of sweet, warm deliciousness and gave me such a sense of masculinity. I went to this party and got so many lovely comments- it gave me such confidence! Every time I smell vanilla cheesecake, for some reason it brings me back to that summer and that scent. It is incredible how powerful a perfume can be. The moment I put the fragrance on I felt two foot taller!