Trudi Collister

Communications Manager, Aramis & Designer Fragrances

Trudi Collister

Trudi has worked in the Communications Industry for almost 30 years and has spent the past 23 years in the Fragrance Industry, which is her passion.  She’s a highly experienced international communications practitioner with excellent interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of the cosmetics, retail and media industries, event management and public relations strategies, for high profile and luxury products.  Having overseen several iconic fragrance launches and worked directly with many fashion designers she is well placed to advise or guide launch and leverage strategies for new and existing fragrance brands.  She is married with three grown-up step-children and spends as much of her spare time with family and friends, but traveling and enjoying good food are very close to her heart.

Why are you involved in the Fragrance Foundation? 

I have always adored fragrance, but until I was approached to launch cKone, I had no knowledge of the industry.  I represented Calvin Klein on the Fragrance Foundation and also the Jasmine Committee during my early years in the industry and have always enjoyed helping spread the word of the great work the Fragrance Foundation does.

Why do you love Fragrance? 

Scent is your personal soundtrack and I love that different friends and family might recognise me because of a fragrance I do or have worn.  It stirs memories and can also change moods and feelings.

What is your Scent Memory? 

My most memorable scent memory is hawthorn blossom.  It takes me back to holding my mother’s hand on my way to school as a young child.  I was recently transported straight back to that memory with my mother when we were both exploring a garden whilst I was home in the Isle of Man.  It stopped me in my tracks as my mother was holding my hand for guidance, as she’s now partially sighted, but she knew the scent just as quickly as I did.